The Shocking Moment A Diver Has A Dreadful Encounter With A Deadly Serpent (VIDEO)

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A diver in Brazil had a shocking and terrifying encounter with a sea creature underwater, putting his life at risk. Everything was recorded on YouTube.

Imagine being underwater practicing your favourite sport like any day; However, suddenly a giant creature appears that puts your life at risk. Sounds ugly, doesn’t it? Well, this happened to a boy who lived the worst moments of his life while swimming calmly.

In a recording placed on YouTube, an Italian diver named Bartolomeo Bove shows how he made a trip to Brazil, where he had no better idea than swimming through one of the rivers of the South American country in search of material to continue having content on his channel , without knowing that this could be the last.

It happens that while swimming calmly, an anaconda of more than 100 kg. and seven meters long he stood in front of Bartolomeo, causing the tension of the same that, being accustomed to such situations, since he also swims with sharks, took out his video camera to record the animal without bothering him.

Some sudden movements of the anaconda made Bartolomeo always remain in a waiting position in case this tries to overwhelm him, but in the end he left free and without any problem, as well as in his other YouTube videos.


Source: Mag el Comercio