She Risks Her Life To Go Down A Well To Rescue Him ​​(VIDEO)

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Via YouTube, this brave woman went viral by trying to rescue a dog that was stuck deep in a 9-meter deep pit.

On YouTube, a woman went viral when she rescued a street puppy that was at the bottom of a huge well , with no chance of escape. The animal lover did not hesitate a second to risk her safety and get into the hole nine meters deep. In social networks, users do not stop praising her and calling her a true hero, which positioned her as a trend in countries such as the United States and Spain.

Rajani Shetty is 40 years old, from the southern region of India and loves animals. Therefore, when he realized that a puppy had fallen into a well nine meters deep, he did not hesitate a second to venture to the bottom of the hidden hole.

This woman has taken a huge leap into the public eye after having gone viral for her courageous act and thousands on social networks are already bouncing her story on different platforms .

The recording shows how he achieves his mission with only two ropes and a tire. She enters with difficulty and almost loses her balance.

It is worth mentioning that Rajani does not know how to swim, so the mission is twice as scary. Then, reach the bottom and perform a kind of pirouette to stay afloat and tie one of the ropes on the puppy’s torso.

Then, they are able to lift it and put it safe. With the help of several people, she also manages to leave the well unharmed.

Its history reached different local media and in addition to going viral on YouTube, on Twitter several users are already spreading their amazing action.

After the story went viral in networks, monetary and food donations began to arrive in India to continue saving lives and caring for the less fortunate in the region.

It is little to say that it was an inspiration to many. Users love it and on YouTube, it already gathers more than 2,000 views .


Source: La Republica