It Suddenly Lunges Out Of The Water And Attacks A Low Flying Drone (VIDEO)

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The unusual incident occurred last week on an island in northern Australia.

The StoryTrender portal published the video on Youtube on Friday some images of a crocodile’s reaction to a drone that was flying too low.

In the video you can see how the unmanned device is very close to a saltwater crocodile that was swimming near the shores of Groote Eylandt, an island in northern Australia. Before the intruder, the reptile suddenly jumps out of the water and attacks it fiercely. 

The camera writhes a little in the air while the animal’s teeth appear in the lens. In the end, however, the device manages to escape.

Quentin Roper, author of the images filmed on February 9, told the portal that the crocodile was about 70 meters from the boat from which he launched the drone. 

“I had the drone take off as quickly as possible to see the crocodile more closely and then the attack occurred,” Roper recalled, adding that after the incident the reptile continued swimming near his boat , “very interested” in the vehicle and the  man who had just attacked.

“I knew we had some epic images, sometimes you have to take a chance to get a reward,” Roper concluded.

Watch the Youtube video below …


Source: Actualidad RT