From Burning Hell To Major Floods Kangaroos And Other Species Have A Heartbreaking Time In Australia (VIDEO)

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With the water around their neck, the animals run their own marathon for survival. Videos circulating on social networks are a sample of this drama.

A kangaroo jumps amidst flooded streets in New South Wales. From a boat, a man and his dog see him pass without being able to do anything. They are also victims of torrential downpours that hit several regions of Australia in these days.

Amid the devastation left by forest fires that have claimed thousands of lives, the rains seem to offer relief. But the cure is not always better. In this case, we talk about the worst rainfall in three decades.

Fire ceased to be the enemy for species such as kangaroos and koalas. Now it is water that threatens its existence.

Just last weekend, Cyclone Damian hit the mining region of Pilbara, in the state of Western Australia and storms also caused flooding in the east of the country.

The force of the wind, as well as rainfall, ended up knocking down trees, generating power outages, tearing roofs and flooding homes and crops.

Watch the Twitter Video below …