A Brutal Crash Between An Inflatable Boat And A Motorboat In Cartagena Colombia (VIDEO)

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The young man would have lost control of the boat and caused the accident in Playa Blanca.

A 15-year-old man starred in a brutal accident at the beach resort of Playa Blanca, from which he left unharmed.

The video recorded the moment when the motorboat is approaching at full speed towards the beach and, in a matter of seconds, collides with the inflatable boat that is anchored.

The sequence shows the moment when the inflatable boat riders, a minor, as confirmed by the authorities, flies as a result of the brutal impact and falls into the sea.

The event was presented last Sunday, just when the beach was full of tourists.

The accident reveals, again, the lack of regulation that reigns on the beaches of Cartagena, where tourism providers offer services without any control. In this case, the inflatable boat was rented to a minor.

The rapid reaction units of the Cartagena Coast Guard Station attended the emergency and moved the child to the Bodeguita pier, in the Historic Center, and from there to a medical center in the city.

It should be noted that the minor without control of the motorboat could have caused a tragedy, because at that time the spa was full of bathers, families and children, who said goodbye to Cartagena’s longest holiday season.

This holiday season, which is ending, leaves at least 4 accidents at sea, caused by providers of unregulated tourist services.
Last week, a Bogota family who was on vacation in Cartagena was rammed by a boat as it floated through the bay of Tierrabomba Island. The accident left Julián Casasbuenas with a fractured upper jaw, who denounced the lack of presence of authorities or lifeguards who could help them.

“We were in Choloncito (on the island of Tierrabomba) with our family. My brother and I got on the float and began to spin around. Suddenly we see that a boat is coming towards us and neither the boatman who takes us nor the other boat notices. We shouted, but they did not listen to us, and so the most mother of our lives hit us, ”said Julian Casasbuenas, one of the run-over tourists who ended his vacation in advance and with several fractures, like his brother Mauricio Good morning.

At the end of last year, a boat full of passengers was also overturned and another boat ended up stranded, full of travellers, in front of Punta Arena, on the island of Tierrabomba.

The country does not forget the absurd death of the young Valentina González, on Saturday, November 30, 2019, in the Cartagena resort of Cholón, because of the irresponsibility of the providers of tourist services and the lack of authorities and control in sea and beaches.

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Source: El Tiempo