Fisherman Caught One Of The Oldest Groupers In The World: 50 Years Old And 159 Kilos

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A fisherman caught him more than 180 meters deep on December 29. Scientists have calculated their age with the calcium material of their head.

When Brazil won the Soccer World Cup with Pelé in the team, a mere 159 kg was born somewhere in the ocean that was caught in December in Florida at 50, one of the oldest that has been captured.

Researchers said they estimate that the “Warsaw grouper” captured in December in Florida was half a century old.

“This is the oldest sample collected in our dating program,” the Research Institute of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) reported Friday on Facebook.

Biologists from the FWC Age and Growth Laboratory calculated their age by analyzing the otolith, a calcium structure in the fish’s head with which scientists can estimate their age.

The FWC accompanied the information with the Instagram photograph of Jason Boyll, an amateur fisherman from Siesta Key who poses standing next to the giant giant, taller than him.

The fish was caught on the west coast of Florida on December 29 at 182 meters deep, according to the FWC.

The grouper of Warsaw can weigh up to 260 kg.


Source: El Mundo