US Navy Says Unlocking UFO Information “Is A Threat To National Security”

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Conspiracy theorists, rejoice – the truth may be out there, and yes, the government may not want you to know. This is what independent researcher Christian Lambright discovered when he received a response to his request for information from the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) about the “UFO Tic-Tac” incident aboard the USS Nimitz , according to the UFO blog – Documenting the Evidence and reported by Vice News.

The incident in question took place in November 2004, when a UFO was spotted by fighter pilots aboard the USS Nimitz off the coast of California. Although many details remained classified, a short video of the event lasting less than a minute was leaked to the press in 2017 by Luis Elizondo, a former Pentagon official who wanted to shed light on the secret Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program directed by the Department of Defense.

But although there was only one video, several naval officers aboard the USS Nimitz told the Popular Mechanics news site that the video they had seen was longer, about eight to ten minutes long.

Naturally, skepticism has been rampant since then, and there is no shortage of people who don’t want more, which led Lambright to submit a request to the FOIA in October 2019.

“This request must include all the disclosable parts of the records and reports related to the investigation of the detection and the encounter or encounters with anomalous aerial vehicles (AAVs) [UFOs] by the personnel participating in the operations of the Group of attack of the Nimitz aircraft carrier (CSG) off the western coast of the United States for the approximate period of November 10 to 16, 2004, ”said the request.

“If my application is denied in whole or in part, I ask that you explain all deletions by referring to specific categories of exempt information, but, as required by law, release any segregated part that remains after the material has been written exempt”.

US Navy Says Unlocking UFO Information "Is A Threat To National Security"


Source: Israel Noticias