Tourists Capture The Moment Of The Collapse Of A Wall Of The Sumidero Canyon In Mexico

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No injuries were reported after the collapse, however navigable excursions have been cancelled as a precaution.

A wall of the emblematic Cañón del Sumidero in the Mexican state of Chiapas broke off on Wednesday without the people visiting the national park of the same name being injured.

The landslide was witnessed and recorded by tourists sailing on the Grijalva River, so the route had to be suspended. In the images disseminated in social networks, it is observed how masses of earth and stones collapse causing the formation of a large column of dust.

According to local media, experts from the Ministry of Civil Protection of the state will perform technical work to analyze the current situation and issue a risk opinion. They also said that the crash is a geological phenomenon called fallen, a recurring natural manifestation, which has its origin in the internal and external dynamics of the Earth’s layers.

At the moment, navigation in the area is restricted as a precaution.


Source: Actualidad RT