They Were Forced To Kill A Polar Bear After It Attacked A Cruise Guard

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The incident occurred in Norway; The performance of security employees has unleashed harsh criticism on social networks; the company claimed ‘defense’

The polar bear is the largest terrestrial carnivorous mammal in the world. Due to its large size it has no natural enemies, being honest, its only ‘rival’ is the human species.

This was proven a couple of months ago when a security employee of the Hapag-Lloys Cruises cruise company shot dead a majestic bear  after the mammal attacked a colleague of his in the Norwegian archipelago of Svallbard, located in the Arctic.

According to a statement issued by the German company, the attack of the plantigrade occurred last Saturday on Spitzbergen Island when the guard – hired to go ashore before the passengers – descended from the MS Bremen vessel. As soon as he set foot on the coast, the mammal defended its territory and launched itself against him.

“As the attempts of the other guards to scare the animal, unfortunately, were unsuccessful, he had to intervene for reasons of legitimate defense and to protect the life of the attacked person, “said the note released through Facebook.”

The employee suffered head injuries that do not put his life at risk.  He was subsequently transferred to a hospital by helicopter 

The company said they had authorization “from local authorities” to dock on the island of Spitzbergen and that “landings are only possible in some places” of the Svallbard archipelago. 

In the Svallbard archipelago, bears live in the wild.  It is estimated that about a thousand polar bears inhabit it – a protected species since 1973. 

In 40 years there have been five fatal attacks of bears.  


Source: Excelsior