They Manage To Photograph The Most Expensive Fish In The World While They Feed By Jumping In The Water

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The price per kilogram of this species can exceed $ 11,000.

In an unusual encounter, kayaker Rupert Kirkwood photographed dozens of bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus), the world’s most expensive fish, feeding for more than two hours off the coast of Devon (UK).

Kirkwood had the opportunity to photograph a group of these fish, considered a species under threat by the IUCN red list, and as a culinary delight in Japan, as they jumped and ate together with a group of dolphins and whales.

Due to its scarcity, the market price of this species is quite high. During a 2019 auction in Japan, a restaurant owner paid about $ 3.2 million for a 278-kilogram copy, or about $ 11,500 per kilogram.

“I have occasionally seen shoals and jumps of tuna, but taking a picture of them is practically impossible because they are very fast,” said the kayaker about these fish capable of reaching speeds of more than 65 kilometers per hour, in an interview quoted by Daily Mail.

Since it is an endangered species, British environmental legislation completely prohibits its fishing; if any are accidentally caught, they must be returned to the sea.

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Source: Actualidad RT