They Find A Strange Sea Creature Caught Under Antarctic Ice Alive

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NASA researchers discovered animal life under the Antarctic ice. “The scientific team was surprised to see the first images transmitted by a video camera in the waters at the bottom of a thick layer of ice … a curious shrimp-like creature swam past the camera and then landed. on a cable. The scientists also observed a tentacle that, in their opinion, belonged to a jellyfish about 30 centimeters long ”(Associated Press Agency, 3/16/2010).

Researchers began to consider the existence of complex life underneath the polar ice caps, marveling at the presence of these beings and leaving behind the old convictions that only a few microbes were the only life forms that could live tens of meters away below the ice and where light does not reach. “We made our observations with the assumption that there would be nothing there,” said NASA ice researcher Robert Bindschadler, visibly excited by the finding of the presence of that 7.5-centimeter-long orange creature, for two minutes in the video.

A few days later, Bindschadler presented the findings to a forum of the United States Geophysical Union, emphasizing the amazing ways life can adapt.

The discovery of creatures under the ice of Antarctica can encourage experts to reformulate their knowledge about life in extreme environments and reflect on the possibility that there is life in inhospitable places in the universe such as Europa, Jupiter’s frozen satellite.

Nine years later, another confirmation of the existence of life in extreme conditions was obtained. The Antarctic Expedition aboard the New Zealand research ship, the ‘RV Tangaroa’ captured a gummy-looking and seemingly harmless creature. Investigators discovered the creature 3,500 meters below the surface.

Kareen Schnabel found the curious specimen. The marine biologist at the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research in New Zealand commented that the specimen “has something quite interesting up front like a hippopotamus. We don’t know how many are down there, nor how common this is, but I’ve never seen anything like this before.

They Find A Strange Sea Creature Caught Under Antarctic Ice Alive


Source: El Diario del fin del Mundo