They Discover Live Sharks Inside An Active Volcano (VIDEO)

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It was believed that the environmental conditions within an active volcanic crater were not suitable for such large species.


Yes, indeed, nature is wonderful and never ceases to surprise us. 

A few months ago it was announced that there are animals that can survive extreme temperatures.

Believe it or not, a team of researchers led by ocean engineer Brennan Phillips, discovered that within a crater of the Kavachi submarine volcano, located in the southwest Pacific Ocean, there is life.

Yes, seriously, even if you don’t believe it, they could see that hammerhead sharks live inside the crater.

Incredibly, apparently, they are not affected by hostile temperatures and acidity caused by eruptions. In addition, other species such as stripes and jellyfish can be seen in the video.

The team’s discovery contradicts previous scientific data, it was believed that environmental conditions within an active volcanic crater are not suitable for species as large as sharks.

Phillips also wonders how underwater creatures behave during a volcanic eruption: do they feel threatened and leave the crater right away or rise in the water with ash?


Source: Excelsior