Theorists Indicate That 3,700 Years Ago A Meteorite Devastated The Dead Sea (Images)

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Great experts assure that approximately 3700 years ago a meteorite got too close to the earth, at the moment it entered the exploded atmosphere, which unleashed an immense explosion that gave way to a huge heat wave.

All experts say that this strong explosion caused the destruction of many cities and agricultural areas north of the Dead Sea.

What does archaeologist Phillip Silvia say?

One of the great theorists, the archaeologist Phillip Silvia, reported that the radiocarbon and mineral remains that were extracted from the lands of this area, had a strange behaviour when subjected to high temperatures, since they crystallized almost immediately, which that allows to determine that they come from a great explosion, which could destroy an entire civilization.

This great explosion caused a bubbling brine from the Dead Sea, so much so that the people who lived in this area did not return for a long time.

These people lasted around 600 to 700 years to be able to return, said Phillip Silvia, and it was not for nothing, since this great explosion caused great damage.

Where were the latest findings reported?

Among the great findings we can mention:

  1. 120 small settlements, which were exposed to immense heat and really extreme winds.
  2. At the time this meteor exploded, disintegrating the atmosphere, there were between 40,000 and 65,000 people in that area.
  3. Excavations carried out in what is now Jordan reveal occupations of at least 2,500 years, which were suddenly interrupted.

What findings have been found in the last 3 years?

  1. Archaeologist Phillip Silvia stated that for this phenomenon to happen, zirconium crystals had to form in a matter of seconds, at really high temperatures.
  2. The outer layers found show strong signs of having melted into glass, which is one of the clearest signs that there was a gigantic explosion in the atmosphere of this area.
  3. The data from the radiocarbon indicates that everything suddenly disappeared 3700 years ago.

Each of these great phenomena holds millions of secrets, which at some point will be discovered and brought to light.

Theorists Indicate That 3,700 Years Ago A Meteorite Devastated The Dead Sea

Theorists Indicate That 3,700 Years Ago A Meteorite Devastated The Dead Sea


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