The US Navy Wants To Increase Its Budget And Size

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According to the statements of their bosses they want to acquire about 60 new ships in ten years

The goal looks difficult to meet due to approved budgets

The U.S. Army Navy has said it believes it can reach 355 vessels  during the Donald Trump era. Although, as American military media comment, the thing will not be easy. The interim secretary of the Navy, Thomas Modly said the fleet could grow to that size if budgets increased.

The Pentagon and the president of the nation have not yet made statements about it, but the concern is that, even if the budgets increase, they can be wrongly invested. The acting secretary has stated that it is not only to buy more ships,  but to recruit more sailors, allocate more money for maintenance and also for operating costs.

Currently the United States Navy consists of 293 ships, of these, 11 of these are aircraft carriers and another 70 are destroyers. In its ranks it also has 70 nuclear submarines. To reach 355 ships, about six ships per year should be delivered, so theoretically in 10 years they would be available.

However, reaching that goal is difficult because of the arguments made by the acting secretary. US Navy forces will have to wait to see how the matter develops.

The US Navy Wants To Increase Its Budget And Size


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