The Port Expects To Grow 38% In Cargo And Needs Expand 30,000 Meters

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The increase will be in five years and it is proposed to use Vulcano land or the baler.

The Port Authority (APV) plans to increase container traffic and up to 15% at least 15% in the coming years, until 2025, which will surely require gaining space to move the cargo, an area that it would be between 25,000 and 30,000 square meters, according to a report by the APV on effective use of surface at commercial and Guixar docks. 

The forecasts of this study are moderate and take into account existing expectations and traffic already committed for the coming years. For the APV, the solution is to continue with the policy of recovering previously occupied land and also to get others. And among them are two: the baler, which would have to move from its location, and the publicly owned plots of Vulcano, in the event that shipbuilding activity is not maintained. 

Regarding the total merchandise traffic of the Port, the report highlights that in 2019 it reached 4.1 million tons, of which 2.2 million were moved through containers with crane and 664,644 at the Docks of Commerce and Areal. The remaining 30% in Bouzas. The evolution of these traffics in recent months, he points out, has experienced considerable increases that make a draft approach necessary. In relation to merchandise in containers, in Guixar, there was a decline with the departure of Maersk after his escape to Marin that reached 7 percent. However, Termavi has already guaranteed new fruit traffic (Delmonte) and others thanks to the stowage agreement with forecasts of earning 10% in the first two years and 3% in the following. Therefore, it would go from the current 185,000 containers to 250,000 in 2015, some 70,000 more, which is equivalent to a 38 percent rise. “It is not necessary to expand the terminal by 38% but gain more meters,” says the APV, which figures between 15,000 and 20,000 square meters the minimum area to gain in order to guarantee a quality service, essential for it to be competitive.

As for general merchandise, – aluminum, granite or metals – it has increased by 100,000 tons in four years, 13% per year, and this has caused a progressive demand for greater port esplanade and covered warehouse. “Assuming a conservative growth of 3% per year, 50,000 more tons would be earned,” explains the Port, which indicates that this would require 10,000 to 15,000 meters more.

Today, with changes in the location of the premises of the Port, retrofitting of the port fence and the non-renewal of concessions, 17,000 meters of uncovered area and 3,800 covered could be achieved. At all insufficient. Especially since in 2016, 22,500 meters of surface area of ​​port activity were lost as the container depot of Guixar, Zona Franca had to be closed, and the activity on the neighbouring plot, of Alonso-Lamberti, of 8,000 meters was not allowed. “That is, it had to do without 30,000 useful meters.” “Measures have been taken, and 12,000 meters discovered and 1,200 covered have been achieved, and 5,000 more discovered and 2,500 covered will be added, but it is not enough.” 

The Port Expects To Grow 38% In Cargo And Needs Expand 30,000 Meters


Source: Atlantico