The Navy And The US Marines Look For A New Anti-Ship Missile

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The new missile that these forces are looking for must have a land base but be anti-ship.

This type of missiles would be used for coastal defenses.

The United States Navy and the Marine Corps want to have in their arsenal a version of the new naval missile  for ground attacks. This version requested by these two bodies of the US armed forces must have the mission of keeping the enemies away from the coasts of the country and the islands.

The new anti-ship missile must have a platform to be fired from the ground. The concept is really nothing new, since since the appearance of gunpowder cannons the cities  and ports used them to defend themselves against the attack of ships trying to attack them.

The resurgence of this concept comes from the hand that powers like Russia have once again played a relevant role in geopolitics, and the Chinese Republic is making a big dent in it, leaving its usual borders of influence.  The cruise missile in question has a range of about 100 miles and is of the NSM model.

It is not designed in the United States but in Norway, and has been developed by Kongsberg. The missile has the capacity to sink ships, as has already been demonstrated in exercises and maneuvers.

The Navy And The US Marines Look For A New Anti-Ship Missile


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