The Mysterious Incredible Creatures Found On The Coast Of Texas, United States

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The nature, which is always in constant motion, is in one of its most full time since humans were confined, following the coronavirus, and industry from one day to the other, production dropped precipitously.

Swans in Venice, capybaras and sea lions in the streets of Mar del Plata, wild boars in Italy, are some of the phenomena that have happened since the pandemic lashes all of humanity. But now, to that varied list, dragons are added. Yes, dragons do exist, although they are a bit smaller than what we were told in the movies.

The Blue Dragon is a very strange little sea creature that has Texas wildlife experts on the brink of collapse after several beach visitors reported finding them on the shores of Island National Seashore Park.

Little creatures are extremely rare because they “fly” through the water and leave a very incredible electric blue flash. And while they even look like mythological beings, it is actually a curious form of sea slug known as Glaucus atlanticus.

These dragons are 3 cm long and are the natural predators of the Portuguese caravels, a jellyfish-like animal whose sting is very painful. By ingesting them, blue dragons accumulate their cells that contain the highly stinging substance, making their sting even more dangerous. On the other hand, but not less important, they warned that in case of not finding food, blue dragons can become cannibals.

The dragon inhabits the seas of the South African, European, Australian and Mozambique coasts, preferring temperate and tropical waters. Still, the alert happened as large numbers of these mollusks were seen during this week in the United States.

The first to discover that these animals were on the banks was Hunter Lane , a seven-year-old boy. Seeing several of them on the shore, he gathered them together in a bucket to show his father. “Hunter loves sea creatures and thought he had found a blue jellyfish,” Trey Lane , Hunter’s father , told CNN. “One appeared right next to my foot at some point. Fortunately, I saw it and didn’t step on it,” he said.

The little boy said he “really wanted to touch it” because it looked soft and squishy. However, the boy had doubts when he saw how it glowed as he compared it to a poisonous frog.

The family then presented the discovery to park staff, who told them they were very lucky not to have touched the dragon because they could have had a very bad time. Within minutes, the park issued a warning on its Facebook page: “Don’t let its size fool you. They have a defense worthy of the dragon name,” they said in the post.

The Mysterious Incredible Creatures Found On The Coast Of Texas United States

The blue dragon is a very particular species, beautiful but also dangerous since, if it does not have food, it becomes carnivorous. Source: THE NATION


Source: La Nacion