The Moment A Crocodile Attacks An Old Woman Washing Clothes In A River (WARNING VIDEO SHOWS SENSITIVE IMAGES)

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Witnesses managed to save the woman from the jaws of the predator, however she later died due to injuries.

A resident of the Indian state of Gujarat was the victim of a crocodile attack while washing clothes in a river.

According to The Times of India, the incident took place last week, when Javara Parmar, 70, had entered knee deep in the water. Then, a crocodile attacked her by the legs and dragged her underwater.

Several neighbours who witnessed the attack rushed to help the woman. Some used sticks to drive the animal away, and managed to pull the old woman back to shore. The victim was hospitalized, but later died as a result of injuries to her legs and back.

A video was broadcast on social media that allegedly shows the time of the attack. 

At the same time, wildlife activists quoted by the newspaper said that a large number of crocodiles live in the river in question, and that local residents are aware that washing clothes there can pose a risk to their lives.

Watch the viral Youtube video below …



Source: Actualidad RT