The Luxury $79 Million Yacht Of A Saudi Prince Capsizes In A Shipyard In Greece (IMAGES)

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The boat is valued at about $79 million and among other luxuries, it has a movie theater and Jacuzzi.

The luxury yacht of a Saudi prince capsized in a shipyard in Greece when it was being pulled out of the water for maintenance work.

The events took place in the town of Perama and no injuries were recorded. The Cayman Islands-flagged yacht Nourah of Riyad ended up partially submerged in the water and also caused damage to the shipyard, as well as to another nearby boat, local press reports.

It is reported that the Nourah of Riyad, valued at about 79 million, is owned by Saudi Prince Turki bin Mohamed bin Fahd to the Saud.

The yacht is 70 meters long and has cabins for up to 18 people, including a suite. In addition, it is equipped with a cinema room and Jacuzzi on the deck.

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Source: ActualidadRT