Sea Of ​​Thieves Surpasses 10 Million Players (VIDEO)

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Piracy tastes better with friends.

It may not have had the best launch, but Sea of ​​Thieves has landed in good stead, surpassing the 10 million “pirate” mark that has gone overboard since the launch of MMO.

Developed by Rare, the game had a mild reception, which pointed to the lack of title content as the main flaw. Over the years, the studio has struggled to add more content and activities for gamers to experience.

Over time, Rare has released several totally free upgrades and expansions, ‘Crossplay’, ghost ship duels, nautical combat arenas and campaigns that have led players to discover the archipelago’s most sought after treasures.

According to the studio, it was the community of players who encouraged them and motivated them to continue their bet on the game. And what better way to celebrate 10 million pirates than with another free update that immortalizes players’ achievements.

It arrives on January 15th, and will feature an ‘NPC’ who instructs players to search for the landmarks raised to mark the legendary achievements of the community. And legendary, mean feats like the first death by fall, or the player who ate the most bananas. The list is massive and will give a lot to do for those who want to face the challenge.

Although this number does not represent players who sail the seas simultaneously, it is nonetheless an indicator of a well-packed world. This title is one of many that can be found on the Xbox Game Pass, which also explains its popularity.

If you don’t want to be a freshwater sailor anymore, try the adventure life on the high seas, and add your achievements to Sea of ​​Thieves legends!


Source: IGN Portugal