Sea Lion Has Brutal Confrontation With A Whale And The Ending Is Unexpected [WARNING VIDEO IS VIOLENT]

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The viral Youtube video recorded the moment when the whale threw a reddish liquid to scare away the hungry sea lion.

Thousands of Youtube users who love marine animals were impressed to see the video recorded by a tourist walking in South Africa. The brutal fight between a sea lion and a whale ended with a shocking end and the scene went viral in various parts of the world such as Mexico, the United States, Canada and others.

A dwarf whale was brutally attacked by a hungry sea ​​lion in the clear waters of Cape Town, in South Africa. A group of tourists walking through the place managed to record the encounter between animals.

The first few seconds of the viral video of Youtube capture the precise moment when the sea lion chased a pygmy sperm whale, known as ocelots. The chase ended at the moment when the helpless cetacean swims at full speed to the rocks that were on the shore of the sea to throw a reddish liquid.

This ink that stained the crystalline sea is used by whales to confuse predators. The animal that was the victim of a brutal attack saved his life by using the reddish liquid as a defense mechanism.

According to some details in the Daily Mail report, the South African authorities banned tourists from continuing to record. Also, the media reported that the whale was shot to avoid suffering more and his body was taken to a laboratory for study.

Watch the viral Youtube video below …



Source: La Republica