Scientists Find Terrifying Deep-Sea Creature In Vantablack Camouflage

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16 new species of ‘terrifying fish that barely reflect light’ were discovered by biologists, who compare their camouflage to the ultra-black material called vantablack.

Outside the Monterey Bay in California, on board the Western Flyer, marine biologists led by Karen Osborn have discovered 16 new specials of “terrifying deep-sea fish that hardly reflect light”, just like the famous subject ultra black called ‘vantablack‘.

The specialized team was transporting fish to the surface to be cataloged and photographed. The surprise was that trying to take a photo of a fangtooth, “a monster from the depths of the sea”, for reasons of cataloging.

The expert said that the fish seemed to absorb almost all the light that her submarine emitted, “leaving only creepy silhouettes.”

Likewise, Wired Osborn, co-author of an article on these fish, published in Current Biology , said that he had tried to take photos of fish from such deep waters before and got nothing but those ‘really horrible’ photos, where you can’t see any detail.

“How come I can make two strobe lights shine and all that light just disappears? ” Wired Osborn told Wired.

“We had no idea there were fish that were ultra black,” said Duke University biologist Alexander Davis, one of the authors of the Current Biology article describing the findings.

Specialists pointed out that these fish have developed a different and highly intelligent way of becoming ultra-black with incredible efficiency: a species they found absorbs 99.956 percent of the light hitting it, making it as black as ‘vantablack‘.

Scientists Find Terrifying Deep-Sea Creature In Vantablack Camouflage


Source: Multimedios