Rowing And Boating Returned With Everything Pointed To The Tokyo Games

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This is how the seven disciplines that the National Sports Secretariat authorized last Friday were reactivated

Little by little, with firm but safe steps and with many precautionary measures, six sports disciplines began to revive this week, joining the rowing that had already started training last week with its largest team in Lake Calcagno.

Last Friday, Sebastián Bauzá and Pablo Ferrari of the National Sports Secretariat (SND), removed from the list of exhortations of activities not to do individual and outdoor practice of seven sports disciplines: athletics, cycling, Basque ball, tennis , sailing and boating . They also allowed to perform gymnastic exercises outdoors, which allowed several sports clubs to reopen part of their facilities last Saturday. 

On Monday of the week, under the orders of Argentine coach Osvaldo Borchi, the senior male rowing team began training in single boats and with wide distances. From February 27, with the laying of a foundation stone, Lake Calcagno became the home of rowing and boating. There they will both have their training and development center. 

Romina Cetraro, Bruno Cetraro, Leandro Rodas, Martín Zócalo and Felipe Kluver are the selected ones that point to the Pre-Olympic that would take place in January 2021 in Rio de Janeiro and that will distribute five places in the men’s and women’s single scull and three in the double par weight light, boats in which Uruguay will compete. 

“The training sessions are quite long, with the idea of ​​adding many kilometers to make up for lost time. We are focusing a lot on the technical part, always on individual boats,” Rodas, who travels to Calcagno by bicycle to avoid the bus, told Referei. use those 30 kilometers a day as practice. 

On Tuesday the Rowing Club of Mercedes reopened its doors for rowing. After training 51 days on a rowing ergometer, the older Sabrina Díaz and Ynela Aires, the juniors (junior, under 18) Zoe Acosta, Valeria Olivera, Héctor Mott, Douglas López, Joaquín Vázquez, Gabriel Cabrera and two projects for Dakar 2022 Youth Olympic Games: Cloe Callorda and Valentina Sande. 

They also began training at the German Rowing Club Luciano García, a member of the junior preselection and the other Dakar 2022 project that has the Uruguayan rowing: Cristian Rege.

The junior South American can be played in December in Paraguay or in January in Rio de Janeiro, in that case together with the senior Olympic team.   

“We start at dawn and end with sunset. The day is long but it is the only way because the club does not have enough singles for everyone. In addition, the sanitary protocol is extensive: they take their temperature, they They disinfect footwear, they have to fill out a form, wash their hands, walk through a demarcated area, take out the boat, regulate it and go to the water. Each one trains in shifts of 30 minutes. We have to adapt to the possibilities that exist “, Coach Marcelo Trigo told Referi

Canoeing with the South American in doubt

This week the Uruguayan boating team resumed their training, which has Sebastián Delgado and Matías Otero who due to the pandemic had to return from Spain where they were preparing the Pre-Olympic that was postponed for April (9 to 11) in Curitiba. 

There, Delgado and Otero will compete in K1 1,000, a test in which Argentina and Canada are already classified. “At the Lima 2019 Pan American Games we were fourth behind Brazil who would be our direct rival because he only classifies one boat,” Sebastián Gómez, president of the Uruguayan Canoeing Federation (FUC), told Referei. 

Rowing And Boating Returned With Everything Pointed To The Tokyo Games

One of the two will also race the K1 1,000. A place will also be sought in K1 200 where Julián Cabrera, Santiago Melo and José López are selected. 

In the female branch, Nadia Fernández prepares at C1 200. 

Together with the Pre-Olympic, the qualifier for the first edition of the 2021 Pan American Youth Games in Cali will be played, where Santiago Melo, Martín Gorriti and Felipe Agüero run with chances to travel to represent Uruguay. 

Jesús Spagnolo is the coach of the national team, although some have their own coach, such as Melo, who is Guillermo Giorgi or Gorriti, who is the ward of Jorge Ferrier. 

Uruguay was designated to host the South American for November, but the organization of the tournament is still up in the air. “We have not yet confirmed any support so we have not confirmed the event; without the support we will not organize it. We will wait until the end of June to define it,” said Gómez. 

Under normal conditions, the organization of the tournament would cost $ 1 million to cover the costs of accommodation, food, transportation, walking for parachuting tests (in this modality, the Pan American Championship would be disputed in an unprecedented organizational event for this sport in Uruguay), rental of tents, runway doctor, ambulance and security for boats in their trailers. “But the cost can skyrocket under the sanitary conditions we currently have,” said the FUC president. 

Gomez said that soon materials will be imported to demarcate the regatta track that cost US $ 6,000 and that will be placed by the canoeing family for three months working on weekends. 

The FUC put together its calendar to start competing in the middle of next month, but they estimate that the authorization to organize tournaments will only come to them in August or September.

Cycling: little changed  

“We enable individual training 20 meters away from each other, which allows cyclists to start preparing for the season, but at a competitive level, it is still missing since there is no directive to schedule the activity. We put together a protocol with the coaching staff of the selection to do individual competitions on the track such as the kilometer test, the individual pursuit and also some individual circuit time trial. To run in the peloton there is still time to go, “explained the president of the Uruguayan Cycling Federation (FUC) Pablo Quintana.

Last week, the FUC participated in a talk via Zoom with César Augusto Arias, doctor of the Colombian cycling team and former doctor of the soccer team and Botafogo who reported that the steam that a cyclist dismisses, according to the speed it reaches It has the potential to spread at a distance of 40 meters. 

Rowing And Boating Returned With Everything Pointed To The Tokyo Games

“Before what the SND reported on Friday, it was more difficult for cyclists in the capital to go out to train, but in the interior, which is much calmer, you could go out to train individually without problems,” Quintana admitted. 

For August, it will seek to organize the first tests at the Municipal Velodrome and perhaps on the brand new 1,200-meter track built in Maldonado or the one with Rocha, which is 500 meters. “For now there is no go-ahead at all,” said the head of the Federation.

In the international calendar, the Pan American track in Peru is scheduled for December, while the Pan American route in San Juan has already been canceled. 

Basque ball: only pediment

On Friday, after the Bauzá and Ferrari conference, the phone of Raúl Comesaña, president of the Uruguayan Federation of Basque Pelota, exploded: “All the clubs called me, but since we did not have an official response from the SND, what we did depending on what we heard, it was enabling the 30-meter pediment that is open but not the modality that is most practiced, which is the trinquente, which is a closed court. “

“To organize tournaments we are waiting for the qualification. The calendar will be put together from August. The International Federation has already canceled all events for 2020,” Comesaña told Referei .  

Yachting waiting for the Prefecture. 

On Friday, May 8, the Naval National Prefecture, which reports to the Ministry of Defense, lifted the ban on circulation in national waters only for “recreational” activities. For this reason, neither the classes nor the boat training are allowed, according to Gustavo Coll, Commodore of the Uruguayan Yacht Club (YCU).

“For now we cannot organize regattas or championships. We have everything soon to resume the activity in optimist and the 29er, snipe and laser classes,” he added. 

The sailors already classified to the Olympic Games (unique in all Uruguayan sport) Pablo Defazio and Dominique Knuppel already returned to the water in France at the same time that Dolores Moreira will not compete again until June because she recovers from patellar chondropathy with a plasta treatment rich in platelets. 

The club resumed activities in tennis but not in the gym and while doing talk cycles and sports classes through Zoom. They also organized virtual regattas that were highlighted by the World Sailing Federation. 

Weights in action

Despite not being among the sports in which the SND raised the recommendations not to practice, the Federation of Weights already trains with a group of selection in its house that is next to the field of basketball veterans. 

By the end of May there will be an athletes test that will have a rigid sanitary protocol as explained by Pablo Azuaga to Referí

Some clubs have already opened their doors and others remain closed. There are 130 federated athletes (that was the number that competed in 2019) but for this first event they are expected to not exceed 20 participants. 

Rowing And Boating Returned With Everything Pointed To The Tokyo Games



Source: el observador