Mexican Company Pemex: Employees Would Be Behind Robberies At Sea

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Robberies that occur in platforms of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) in Tabasco and Campeche could be committed by the workers themselves, explained the Excelsior newspaper.

According to documents from the Secretary of the Navy (Semar), consulted by the Mexican media, at the time the corporation investigated the thefts that have occurred at the oil company’s facilities, they found inconsistencies between the testimony of the employees, the complaints and the Registered in security cameras.

For example: Throughout November 2019, a robbery was recorded on the Independencia 1 Platform in Campeche. In the robbery they took eight Autonomous Breathing Teams (ERA) and four firefighters containing a fireman’s suit, helmet, ax, gloves and breathing tank. According to the report, the crime was committed by six people who arrived and fled aboard a ship between 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.

Although, Once the investigation on how the robbery was conducted, the officials found irregularities. One of them traveled that by the exit through which the criminals apparently escaped, it was not possible to lower the stolen club.

The survey about the crime indicates that the material extracted was too bulky In this way, as if it had been transferred to the vessel through which they escaped, by means of the ladder deployed on the platform. In the same way, Once the witnesses were interviewed, they all gave different data. Some said the crime was carried out by three thieves, others saw four, some more two.

in turn, the robbery was not recorded in the security cameras of the facilities. Filming stopped immediately before the theft.

“An excerpt from the video surveillance camera that is the office of the head of CICSA, in the housing area, where three civilians in the area of ​​the alleged extraction and an element with uniform similar to that of the company (one of the threatened assumptions) ; Although, the moment of the robbery is not appreciated, As long as it went cut already before the fact (sic) happened ”, says the report of the officials.

On Platform 1, 69 employees of the Cicsa company work, 28 from Pemex, 2 from Corsa and 16 in the kitchen area.

“Irregularities are observed both in the staff versions In the same way as in the extract of the security camera; the quite difficult access to the platform and the insufficient number of personnel to carry out such action in a short time. At the end of the tour the effects of allegedly stolen firefighter equipment had been replaced at about 12:30 pm and placed in the ticket booths where they came from, except for the ERAs ”, the report consulted by Excelsior is read.

These types of situations and assaults on the high seas began to be increasingly constant, so the Mexican Navy conducted investigations, in which they noticed the irregularities in the complaints. In turn, most of the thefts have been to Autonomous Respiration (ERA) and Firefighting Equipment. The reports of each of the crimes have exactly the same anomalies.

Likewise, theft by pirates in the region was little directed throughout 2019, so according to the officials, it is not consistent with the number of assaults on the oil rigs. From January 1 to December 6, 2019 there was not a report of theft to national vessels. At the same time that two international ships were registered, in addition to an attempted robbery at sea.


Source: Prensa Libre Online