Italian Ghost Town Sunk In Water Could Return To The Surface (VIDEO)

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The town, built in the 12th century, was flooded to build a dam, the inhabitants were transferred to another city.

ITALY. – This is not a fictional story. The town of Fabbriche di Careggine is real and located in Italy, but it is difficult to see it since it is completely sunk in the depths of the water, as it was completely flooded in 1946 to build the Lago di Vagli, an artificial basin part of a dam, named Enel, which was built to be used for hydroelectric purposes and as a water reserve for the area in the event of a fire.

Back then, the residents of the village were transferred to another city, called Vagli di Sotto, around the lake.

The ancient Fabricche di Careggine, founded in the 12th century, became an underwater ghost town, and disappeared forever.

However, there is a way to see the ruins of this ancient town again, whose buildings still remain, most of them, including the church, standing.

From time to time, the dam has had to be emptied to maintain it. However, this has only happened on four occasions, in the years 1958, 1974, 1983, and 1994, the year since the town, including the cemetery, rests at 34 million cubic meters underwater.

However, in 2015, there was an attempt to empty the lake definitively to rediscover the town, thus attracting tourism, however it was not possible since the dam is important for energy production.

Despite this, Mayor Mario Puglia did not give up and built a large bridge to cross it.


Source: Multimedios