Iranian Ship Impacted In Naval Exercises 19 Are Dead And 15 Wounded

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A ship of war Iran was the victim of friendly fire during exercises navy in the Gulf of Oman , an “accident” caused the death of 19 sailors , as reported Monday, May 11, 2020 the state media, in a context of tension United States in Gulf waters. “On Sunday afternoon, during an exercise by navy ships in the waters of Jask and Chabahar, the light support ship Konarak had an accident,” the army portal said in a statement. “The ship was hit after moving a practice target and not getting far enough away,” said the source.

Nineteen people died in the accident, and another 15 were injured, according to the statement. The ship was towed to port to carry out a “technical investigation”, he added, and asked to” avoid speculation” until more information is available. According to Iranian state television and theTasnim news agency, the Konarak was” hit with a missile” launched by another Iranian ship . The ship was hit by “friendly fire” after the “Jamaran” frigate accidentally fired missiles during a military exercise in the Jask area in the Persian Gulf waters, according to Tasnim.

The Konarak is a ship of logistic support lightweight manufactured in Holland and bought by Iran shortly before the Islamic revolution of 1979. He ship weighed 447 tons, measuring 47 meters in length and was equipped with four missiles of cruise, according to state television. Tension with the USA The 15 wounded seafarers were hospitalized in Sistan and Baluchistan, according to Mohammad-Mehran Aminifard, director of the province’s University of Medicine.

Two of the sailors are in intensive care , the semi-official agency Isna indicated. It is unknown how many crew members were on board the ship at the time of the accident. Iran and its arch enemy the United States have had several incidents and crossed threats between their forces present in the very sensitive waters of the Gulf. The latest incident occurred on April 15, when Washington reported that Iranian ships “harassed” its ships in those waters.

US President Donald Trump tweeted that he had ordered his country’s Navy “to shoot down and destroy any Iranian warship if it harasses our ships at sea.” The tensions between the two countries have soared since 2018, when Trump withdrew the United States from the multinational agreement on nuclear program Iran, and returned to severe economic sanctions against the Islamic Republic. Iranian armed forces shot down last January by mistake airplane commercial Boeing 737 bound for Kiev, shortly after taking off from Tehran, causing the death of its 176 occupants.

Iranian Ship Impacted In Naval Exercises 19 Are Dead And 15 Wounded

The burned-out Iranian ship, in which 19 seafarers died, was towed to port for a technical investigation. Photo: AFP


The Iranian military admitted its catastrophic mistake, claiming that the country’s anti – aircraft defenses were on high alert after launching a battery of missiles against US troops stationed in Iraq. Iran launched those missiles in retaliation for the assassination days earlier by the United States of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani., shot down near Baghdad Airport by a drone strike.


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