He Jumps Into The River To Save His Friends From Drowning In The River (VIDEO)

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The dog risked his life to save two dogs that were left to fend for themselves in a canoe and the epic feat was shared on Youtube.

A brave dog did not think twice and risked his life to save two dogs from a fatal outcome in a river and the moving scene was shared on social networks

The fact was uploaded to Youtube by the owner of the dog and shows the brave rescue that his faithful friend made to two defenseless dogs, which were abandoned to their fate in a small boat.

In the images shared on social networks, the dog, of a labrador breed, is observed on the banks of the river that is observed in the distance two dogs that were in a canoe in the middle of the river and one of them barks desperately so that help them, because apparently they were afraid to swim.

Likewise, the dog jumps into the river and swims in the direction of the small boat and pulls the canoe towards the shore to help them and save them from drowning both dogs.

“You can always count on your canine friends in difficult times, as this life-saving dog did when he saw that his two friends were in danger and needed his help. A really moving scene, ”was the description the owner made when posting the video to Youtube.

It should be noted that the surprising rescue of the dog risking his life for two animals has moved citizens, who shared the video until it went viral on Youtube, Facebook and other social networks 


Source: El Popular