Foreign Trade Through The Ports Of Chile Decreased By 8.2% in 2019

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San Antonio, Valparaíso and Huasco recorded the largest variations in exported tons.

According to a report by the Maritime and Port Chamber (Camport), in 2019 foreign trade through the ports of Chile reached 115.1 million tons, 8.2% less than what was achieved in 2018. Regarding the value, US $ 112,587 million were registered, 7.2% less than what was registered in the previous year.If the last five years are analyzed, it is observed that in 2019 the load exported in tons decreased by 4.4% compared to 2015, while the load imported in tons grew by 10.5%.

In terms of total cargo transferred, the mobilized cargo increased 2.3%. And with regard to value, it can be seen that the dollar amounts of imported products increased by 12.6%, while exported products increased by 14.4%. A similar trend is observed for the total commercial exchange, marked an increase of 13.6%.ExportsBetween 2018 and 2019, the total exported cargo fell by 7.5 million tons. The products with the greatest variations between both periods were iron ores and concentrates, which fell by 5.5 million tons, and the export of firewood, wood, pellets and others, which fell by 0.7 million tons.

On the other hand, copper ores and concentrates rose by 1 million tons.In addition, in 2019 the value of exported goods fell by US $ 4,495 million compared to 2018. The products with the greatest variations between both periods were refined copper, which fell by US $ 2,605 million; chemical wood pulp, which decreased by US $ 852 million and unrefined copper, which declined by US $ 827 million.Damascus, cherries, peaches and plums rose by US $ 722 million, while corn increased by US $ 688 million.ImportsLast year, total imported cargo dropped by 2.78 million tons, showing a negative variation of 4.7% compared to 2018.The value of imported goods fell by US $ 4,224 million, 7.8% less than 2018.

The products with the highest casualties were tourism cars with US $ 1,150 million, oil oils with US $ 580 million and vehicles for transportation of goods with US $ 563 million.The products that presented the greatest increases were engines and generators with US $ 195 million, sulfuric acid with US $ 6 million and steam boilers with US $ 140 millionPortsThe Chilean ports that presented the greatest variation in tons exported during 2019 and 2018 were Huasco / Guacolda, San Antonio and Valparaíso.In the case of Huasco / Guacolda, the activities were interrupted due to an accident suffered in November 2018, which is why their operations were postponed until May 2019.San Antonio registered an increase of 19.4% in the tons exported in 2019 compared to 2018, increasing the wine of fresh grapes from 484 thousand tons to 709 thousand tons; from 183 thousand tons to 311 thousand tons fresh or dried grapes; and from 94 thousand tons to 217 thousand tons of apricots, cherries, peaches and plums.

The largest increase recorded for the port of San Antonio is the export of wine from fresh grapes, with a difference of 225 thousand tons. Valparaíso, on the other hand, presented a 27.9% decrease in exported tons, with the greatest casualties corresponding to wines from fresh grapes with 213 thousand tons, fresh grapes with 177 thousand tons, and apples, pears and quinces with 144 thousand tons Regarding the increases, the most important were recorded in fresh and dried citrus, with an increase of 19 thousand tons, and refined copper and alloys with 13 thousand tons.

If the imported tons are compared through the national ports, between 2019 and 2018 Quintero and San Antonio showed the greatest variation, with decreases of 15.4% and 14.8% respectively. Social crisis Chilean exports and imports had a negative impact on the tons transferred and dollars traded during October and November 2019, due to the social outbreak that arose in the country.Leaving aside the fall in foreign trade as a result of causes outside the social movement, for example the trade war between China and the US, the decrease in total tons mobilized is 11.3%, while the total value of the transferred goods fell by 9.5%.Likewise, the products that presented the greatest losses in terms of tons transferred exported were iron ores and concentrates, with 35.1%; mineral or chemical fertilizers with 38.6%; and unrefined copper and copper anodes with 25.3%. Trade between Chile and Asia.

Foreign Trade Through The Ports Of Chile Decreased By 8.2% in 2019

Despite the commercial war, China stands out as Chile’s main trading partner, with a 39.6% share of maritime exports made in 2019, a percentage that increased by 37.9% compared to 2018.However, if the tons exported to the Asian country are compared during 2019, a decrease of 1.9 million tons is observed.Regarding exports to the main countries of the Asian continent – with the exception of China – there is a decrease of 23.8% in 2019.


Source: MundoMaritimo