Five Surfers Die On A Beach In Holland Dragged By The Rip Current

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It is unknown if there are more missing, although several witnesses say that two more swimmers were run over.

The rescue services of the Netherlands have located this Tuesday the lifeless body of the last surfer who disappeared since last night on a beach in The Hague, in the North Sea, bringing the number of deaths to five in an accident caused by the strong wind and the sea current.

Emergency services first rescued three surfers, one of whom was transferred to the hospital, while the other two died last night, shortly after being pulled out of the sea, despite resuscitation attempts, confirmed in a statement. the Dutch organization for rescue at sea (KNRM).

The search for the other three missing youths was complicated by nightfall and by the amount of marine foam accumulated on the coast, caused by the stirring of the water.

In the early morning of this Tuesday, the search tasks were resumed with four lifeboats to track the entire coast, and with a helicopter to search from the air, along with several volunteers who joined the search in the coastal area from Scheveningen beach, according to KNRM.

Finally, rescue services located three lifeless bodies in the North Sea, bringing the total death toll to five people, mostly lifeguards and seasoned surfers who were surprised by the strong wind and an ocean current opposing the coast, according to Edwin Granneman, Scheveningen Coast Guard.

It is not clear if there are more missing people in the water, because some witnesses said they had seen at least two more swimmers being hit by the waves, but the only survivor of the group of Sufis indicated to the authorities that there were five friends with whom went to do water sports.

Five Surfers Die On A Beach In Holland Dragged By The Rip Current

Dutch rescue services working on the search for surfers on a beach in The Hague.Sem van der Wal / EFE


Source: 20Minutos