Climate Change Makes Fatal Collisions Between Whales And Ships More Frequent

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The climate change causes more whales and boats to collide with fatal results, why?

Whales and ships are impacted more frequently due to climate change, because these large animals become disoriented because the waters of the oceans increase their temperature more and more, causing them to be lost among the maritime routes used by humanity, when, They go in search of food.

Whales collide with ships more frequently

Collisions between giant blue whales and Atlantic right whales are becoming more frequent, since, in the year of 2018 alone, they increased to 10 per year.

Clash of ships and whales are fatal

When a whale is stamped against a boat, they die and go to the deep sea, very rarely do they land, in fact, it is considered that one of the main factors in the death of whales is the collision of whales against boats, followed by entanglement in fishing gear that, too, ends their lives.

Right whales die in collision with ships

The principal investigator of the Bigelow Laboratory of Ocean Sciences in East Boothbay, Maine, Nick Record, indicated that, this species of whales had contemplated at least 400 specimens, and has already lost 10% of them, therefore, it is about to To be in danger of extinction.

In addition, he assured that, only in the year 2019, three frank whales collided with ships, the accidents happened against Canada in the Gulf of San Lorenzo.

Nick Record stated: “When one of their main food resources disappears, it means they start exploring new areas for food.”

Record, he added: ” And that means they are finding all the new sources of mortality because they are going to these places where they are not protected.”

How could whales be protected?

The ecologist at the Anderson Cabot Center for Life in the Ocean at the New England Aquarium said that it is necessary to create “a wider area where ships do not travel.”

Another solution is for large ships to go at a slower speed and for shipping routes to be changed.

In this regard, The Associated Press, the World Shipping Council, reported: “The reduced speeds of the ship also increase the residence time of a ship in a certain area where the whales are active.”

Climate Change Makes Fatal Collisions Between Whales And Ships More Frequent

He also emphasized: “Given these factors, there is considerable uncertainty about how effective it is to slow down the boat to reduce the risk of whale attacks.”

Finally, specialists conclude that, due to climate change, marine life is reorganizing, and because of this, they are approaching dangerous areas, where, previously, humanity did not care about taking care of those species that, at that time, did not inhabit those areas. ; therefore, it is necessary to create rules that adapt to the new migrations of marine animals.


Source: la verdad noticias with information from ApNews.