Circulating Through Ourense Spain With 107 Grams Of Cocaine

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The Civil Guard arrested him as the alleged perpetrator of drug trafficking crime.

A resident of Jesús Soria Street, identified as AFF, 65, a native of Carballeda de Avia and domiciled in O Barco, was arrested by the Verín Civil Guard as the alleged perpetrator of a drug trafficking offense, after 107 grams intervened of cocaine inside your car. 

The events that led to the arrest took place at 11.15 p.m. on the 13th on the Dos Lares Viales street, in the immediate vicinity of the city’s Seville Estate. Verín Civil Guard had been following his steps for more than two months because of the suspicion that he was engaged in introducing drugs in the province, especially in the region of Monterrei, from the coast of Pontevedra. 

The agents were investigating him since the end of last summer in a drug operation that, in the middle of last November, led to the arrest of a couple, 42 and 41 years old, resident in the town of O Salgueiro (Verín), at which involved 13 grams of cocaine and 3,000 euros in cash. The raid was then baptized with the name “Hotdog”.

Investigators intercepted the vehicle that the detainee used to drive on the morning of the 13th in the city center and decided to follow his movements and check if he was carrying any type of narcotic substances. At 23.15 hours, a patrol stopped him on the said road, making a thorough search of the car, during which they seized a bag with 107 grams of a white and dusty substance that, once analyzed, turned out to be cocaine of a large purity. The agents, immediately afterwards, proceeded to arrest and process the proceedings to the Court of Instruction 1 of Ourense for drug trafficking

Circulating Through Ourense Spain With 107 Grams Of Cocaine


This is the second time AFF has visited the dungeon as a detainee for drug trafficking in less than a year. The National Police of Ourense already arrested him last May in another anti-drug operation in the town center.

Both the Civil Guard and the National Police Corps proceeded to arrest after investigating him for introducing narcotic substances, mostly cocaine, into the province, after acquiring them in Pontevedra towns along the coast, where, according to research sources, he allegedly maintains his own suppliers. In Ourense it also had its networks to distribute narcotic substances in retail


Source: La Region