Canadian Frigate ‘Halifax’ Visits Palma Spain

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The port of Palma was visited on Tuesday by the Halifax frigate, which belongs to the Royal Canadian Navy, for a three-day stopover.

Belonging to the homonymous class, consisting of twelve units, this vessel currently performs exercises of the Atlantic Alliance in the Mediterranean. Designed and built in Canada with multifunctional capability, the frigate stands out for its anti-submarine and anti-aircraft potential as well as surface warfare. Delivered in 1992, since then heads its naval class by this country.


With 4,770 tons, the Halifax measures 134 meters in length and reaches a speed greater than 30 knots, propelled by gas turbines.

It has a crew of 225 crew and combines a conventional and missile artillery armament of various types, such as the Harpoon and Sea Sparrow, as well as a torpedo boat. You can also embark a CH-148 Cyclone combat helicopter for which you have a hangar and landing strip.

Over time since its entry into service, this vessel has been subject to successive updates on armament, propulsion and electronic systems, which have allowed it to maintain its naval primacy with a long operational perspective that has been updated in the long term.

Canadian Frigate 'Halifax' Visits Palma Spain


Source: Ultimahora