By Sea, Land And Air Trump’s Pirates Attack Venezuela

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The outsourcing of war, waged through business for private security, is unfortunately an element of fact in conflict. A great business that promises to renew and expand even in the post pandemic. A 1989 UN convention, which entered into force in 2001, prohibits the training and use of mercenaries, but the law can be circumvented, and the United States always finds a way to place itself above the law.

This was once again in evidence during Operation Gideon against the Bolivarian revolution, and remains clear now. With what would be a true piracy operation, Trump threatens to block Iranian ships that transport fuel to Venezuela in the middle of a Covid-19 pandemic. The plan follows the same: hang the resistance of the Venezuelan people to defeat Maduro, who is succeeding against the coronavirus.

And yesterday, unilateral coercive measures, decided by Trump against Venezuela and approved by the governments of the European Union, launched another attack against the information of Telesur and PDVSA, the national oil company. The American multinational AT&T, which provides services through the Directv platform, and which in the past has been involved in other destabilizing operations on the Latin American continent, such as the coup d’état against Allende in Chile, has announced the closure of the signal due to the threat of sanctions.

Another attack on freedom of information, one of inalienable human rights, committed by US imperialism and its vassals. An attack announced in Miami during a meeting of the State Department’s Media Center for the Americas, in which Trump administration officials launched false accusations against Telesur, RT and other international alternative platforms.

Telesur, as has already happened with other public companies outside the country, such as Monómeros in Colombia or the Citgo refinery in the US. The US is being targeted by the Venezuelan coup leaders, who have already designated their virtual director. A plan backed abroad by one of the most hateful faces of the Venezuelan coup right: that of Julio Borges, who is called pompously “presidential commissioner abroad.” A virtual as well as virtual position is the “government” of the self-proclaimed “interim president”, Juan Guaidó.

The government of Narnia, the Minister of Communication Jorge Rodríguez defined it correctly, during an update of the facts related to the attempt of a mercenary incursion on the coasts of Venezuela. A plan contemplated in the contract stipulated by the North American company Silvercorp and the Guaidó dome.

Borges, fleeing his country and filmed after having run over a child without stopping to rescue him, wrote a letter to the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, “on behalf of the legitimate government chaired by Congressman Juan Guaidó.” In the letter, he denies, against all evidence, responsibility in the “events of May 3 and 4”. The days of “Operation Gideon”, discovered and neutralized by the Bolivarian government with the direct participation of organized popular power.

The photos of barefoot but armed fishermen who neutralized the group of mercenaries, tying them with the rope while waiting to get handcuffs, went around the world. “This is the war of all the people: a fisherman armed with an iron against the envoys of the most powerful empire in the world,” said President Nicolás Maduro, recalling the heroic resistance of the Vietnamese people who renew themselves in the image of the fisherman.

Certainly, the machine that supports the international farce of this group of thieves is powerful. Governments that, from Europe to Latin America, have followed Trump’s order by recognizing the self-proclaimed abroad in functions that, not having a state apparatus in hand, they cannot exercise, continue to sow confusion.

The international media refer to the Guaidó group as if they were the “National Assembly”: even if their meetings take place in the condominium hall, since the royal Parliament, which nevertheless remains “in contempt”, has elected a new presidency without the self-proclaimed, who had exercised it until then.

However, even in the media that wanted to present the operation of Gideon as “alleged”, the confessions and images of the US mercenaries arrested on the Venezuelan coast are leaked. The copy of the millionaire contract was presented by a Miami journalist who certainly cannot suspect Chavista sympathies.

And now, even those who continue to be blindfolded the most against the Venezuelan right are forced to admit the total incapacity demonstrated by Guaidó and the consequent lack of reliability in the management of a country.

By examining the legal merit of the mercenary contract with Silvercorp, it becomes increasingly clear how Guaidó and his cronies, instead of running the country, partnered to loot him. It was shown to the country by a high-level public meeting, coordinated by Jorge Rodríguez and composed by the First Combatant Cilia Flores, by the Minister of Defense, Vladimir Padrino López, by Executive Vice President Delcy Rodríguez and by the intellectual Luis Britto.

Flores, a renowned lawyer, as well as a long-term policy, highlighted the incontrovertible findings contained in the confessions of the accused (currently 39), and the clauses establishing the power to loot and appropriate the assets of the Chavistas. murdered, along with the country’s resources.

To carry out the “transitional government”, repeated as a mantra by the self-proclaimed since January 2019, the mercenaries actually foresaw the murder of many Chavista leaders, beginning with President Nicolás Maduro, who would be exhibited as trophies in the United States. . USA, to collect the reward placed on his head by the cowboy of the Pentagon, Donald Trump.

However, follow-up to the investigation into Operation Gideon, illustrated by Minister Rodríguez later, showed that opposition figures would also be attacked. Among them, Leopoldo López, another coup leader from Voluntad Popular, who should be captured and then killed during a false escape attempt.

By Sea, Land And Air Trump's Pirates Attack Venezuela

From some wiretaps, provided, Rodríguez said, by “intelligence sources in the Colombian Armed Forces,” in the mercenary plan of the Venezuelan extreme right, the responsibilities of the Trump administration, the Colombian government, and drug trafficking backed by the North American anti-drug agency, DEA.

Deputy for Democratic Action, Hernán Alemán, a fugitive from justice, talks on the phone with the drug trafficker Clíver Alcalá Cordones, now protected by the DEA, and with an unidentified third party. In addition to the contribution of the CIA and that of the United States Ambassador to Colombia, James Story, the existence and duration of the paramilitary training camps based in Riohacha, in the Colombian Guajira, which have already emerged in the confessions of those arrested.

The deputy also refers to the uniforms of North America and the stars and stripes flag seized in the Venezuelan state of Zulia. Rodríguez explained that Alemán maintains close relations with former Attorney General Luisa Ortega Díaz and with her husband Germán Ferrer, who fled to Colombia, where there is also “Sair Mundarín, who was the author of all his crimes.”

In recent days, Ortega Díaz has issued another call on Twitter to overthrow the Maduro government, while her husband sponsors the “appeal to the Zulia people” to reiterate support for the “transition government” of Guaidó. And that the coup leader Borges, implicated in the attempted drone massacre of August 4, 2018, in his letter to the UN defines Maduro as “a threat to peace” seems even more grotesque.


Source: Tercera Informacion