An 18-Meter Wave Swallows A Surfer In Portugal (VIDEO)

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Brazil’s Felipe ‘Gordo’ Cesarano was quickly rescued by a teammate with a jet ski and was not injured.

A video published last Saturday shows how a huge wave  broke over Brazilian surfer Felipe ‘Gordo’ Cesarano during his participation on January 14 in the Gigantes de Nazaré competition, held in the Portuguese city of the same name. Despite the spectacular accident, the athlete was not injured, says the media report

It is estimated that the wave was  over 18 meters high. The authors of the video described it as “one of the biggest waves surfed in this area.”

Fortunately, after a few moments of uncertainty in which he had completely disappeared under the great body of water, Cesarano managed to climb to the surface before the arrival of the next wave and his partner Pedro ‘Scooby’ Viana quickly rescued him with a jet ski to get them to a safe place. 


Source: ActualidadRT