Agaden Demands That Control Measures Against Spills Be Included In Brexit Meetings

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Ecologists call for a moratorium on port landfills and more land gained from the sea, both from Gibraltar and the port of Algeciras.

AGADEN – Ecologistas en Acción has demanded that in the next meetings between Spain-United Kingdom to be held in Algeciras, next Wednesday, issues related to the environment and health that directly affect this common space we share are included.

Thus, environmentalists are committed to establishing agreements on the management of marine natural spaces protected by both the Spanish State and the United Kingdom. SCI of the eastern strait

– A recognition that the Bay of Algeciras is a place saturated with heavy industries , supply and control of bunkering.

– Recognizing that there is a public health crisis on both sides of the border, as evidenced by the recent epidemiological study.

– That maritime accidents with consequences of oil spills are a danger to the environment . More control is needed by the Maritime Captaincy in the area, of ships anchored in LIC marine areas, of bunkering in marine protected areas (Eastern Strait; Strait NP).

Sewage Treatment

– The moratorium of the landfills and more land gained from the sea , both from Gibraltar and the port of Algeciras, are deteriorating the bay with loss of sand on beaches, alteration of coastline dynamics … A joint and independent study has to be done on how land gained from the sea is currently affecting the dynamics of the coastline

– The correct purification of wastewater and its reuse in Gibraltar and remains of municipalities of the bay that purify badly or do not

– The   treatment of urban waste in both Gibraltar and the Campo de Gibraltar is not correct today and more so when in the future Gibraltar is heading to incinerate its waste.

– The loss of marine biodiversity  with the arrival of the «invasive algae» Rugulopterix okamurae ”

– Agreements on the regulation-regulation of the immense maritime traffic in the Bay of Algeciras. Of a greater environmental control to ships that arrive at the Bay of Algeciras.

– Ensure the   denuclearization of the Bay of Algeciras, prohibiting the entry to ships with nuclear weapons or propulsion.


Agaden Demands That Control Measures Against Spills Be Included In Brexit Meetings

A ship making the crossing in the Strait. Archive


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