A Mother Walks Out To Her Backyard And Finds Him In Her Children’s Pool (VIDEO)

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After breaking into a house, the animal decided to take a dip in the heat that prevails in the United States. The funny video is viral on social networks.

To combat the intense heat currently felt in the United States, a huge black bear had no better idea than to step into the garden of a house and lie peacefully in a small children’s pool. The tender and hilarious moment did not go unnoticed on social networks, where it went viral.

Regina Keller lives with her family in a house located in the George Washington National Forest of Virginia. From her backyard, the woman has seen animals such as deer, squirrels, foxes, and bears. Of course: so far this year, the lady has not seen a bear as big as the protagonist of this story, according to what she told CNN.

That July 19, Keller was watering her flowers as the thermometers read 36 degrees Celsius. At that, a huge male black bear rushed into the yard. The woman recognized it: it was the same specimen that had entered his garden two years ago.

To the woman’s amazement, the visitor chose a small children’s pool as a resting place. “He walked around the backyard … walked to the pool and dipped his big paw in the water … then got up and went to bed. He seemed so happy and renewed ”, describes the woman.

For almost an hour, Keller stared at the large mammal, whom he did not hesitate to photograph and videotape. “We definitely need a bigger pool,” the video of the event he shared on Facebook labeled .

The bear rested quietly until he heard the noise of the woman’s grandchildren, who had come home with their dogs. At that moment, the animal left. The video of the funny scene went viral, and garnered hundreds of comments and reactions on Facebook and other social media.


Source: La Republica