83 Vessels Have Been Restricted In Cartagena In 2020

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The National Navy also reported that about 58,000 people mobilized by sea.

83 vessels that did not comply with the safety and regulatory elements in force for navigation, were restricted by the maritime authority to carry out the maneuvers of departure and transport of tourists, during the course of the holiday season in the city of Cartagena.

With the purpose of extreme security measures during the 2019-2020 tourist season, the Colombian Navy has developed control and surveillance patrols, along the 137 kilometers of coastline, which are occupied during this time, by their own and visitors

The General Maritime Directorate reported the control of the departure of 2,211 vessels, which have transported 58,572 people to the insular zone.

Among the most representative figures is the immobilization of 18 vessels whose licenses were expired and did not have the minimum conditions for the safe transport of passengers, as well as the restriction of 83 vessels, which did not comply with the rules of merchant marine established for navigation and infraction to 12 aircraft.

Derived from the unfortunate acts of accident that occurred at sea, the authorities call on the general public to carry out the implementation of the appropriate and necessary measures for the healthy enjoyment of the attractions offered by the maritime environment, prioritizing self-preservation, the non-consumption of alcoholic beverages and the contracting of legally authorized tourist services, mainly . It is important to remember that in the city of Cartagena, the only authorized dock for public passenger transport by sea, is the “La Bodeguita” dock.

83 Vessels Have Been Restricted In Cartagena In 2020


Source: Caracol