He falls into frozen lake and almost doesn’t see end of year (VIDEO)

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He was out for a walk with its owner when the accident occurred. He managed to cling to the ice to survive and was saved by firefighters.

The cold temperatures caused the freezing of an artificial lake, where a husky dog ​​fell while taking a walk with its owner.

The fragile ice sheet gave way and the animal ended up in the frozen waters. Immediately, the woman called firefighters, who went to the Yanshan area, in China, where it happened.

Reaching the canine was an arduous task due to the low temperatures of the water, but the ingenuity of the rescuers allowed the dog to return to the mainland, safe and sound.

Although it was initially difficult for the animal to use its hind legs, which had been exposed to extreme cold, it was finally able to rejoin and return to its owner.

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Source: Noticias CaracolTV