Strange spheres appear on a beach and cause confusion as to what they are

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Citizens of Orange County, California (United States), were left speechless when they discovered this strange phenomenon on the shore of the coast.

A Facebook post made the world aware of a phenomenon never seen before. In an alert, issued by the citizens of Orange County, in California ( United States ), he noticed the appearance of some enigmatic transparent spheres on some of the county’s beaches, causing the news to spread quickly on social networks, becoming viral on the spot.

The mysterious little balls, almost gelatin-like, were identified as sea currants or pleurobrachia, belonging to the tenophore family. An expert from Crystal Cove State Park shared a series of photographs of these small organisms, which she also defined as ferocious predators in the sea.

The publication quickly went viral on Facebook, as thousands of residents, who claimed to see the phenomenon, confirmed that they had never witnessed anything like it on the beaches of California. “The whole beach was covered. It was crazy. I worked on the beach for 30 years and never saw them before, it was definitely weird, ” said Danielle Snyder, State Parks Officer.

Although they are considered predators, these small organisms do not present any danger to humans. They are very similar to jellyfish, they have a kind of combs formed by thousands of cilia, which allows them to move under the sea.

Meet the Sea Goosberry! Sometimes the ocean delivers us mysterious treasures and this weekend, visitors to Crystal Cove…

Posted by Crystal Cove State Park on Sunday, December 20, 2020


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