Couple fed up with expensive rents in London move to living a boat (VIDEO)

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The couple purchased the boat for just £ 9,000. This is narrow and elongated, which in its day served as a tourist barge.

Julia Baranovska and Will Philips, both 33, were paying £ 2,000 a month for a shared flat in London. Tired of living in that situation, which did not allow them to save, they decided to buy a boat.

The couple bought their new home for just £ 9,000. The chosen boat was a narrow and elongated boat, which in its day served as a tourist barge.

After the purchase, the reform came to make the ship a habitable space. So they began to install solar panels and invest in materials and technology that would make it more sustainable and ecological.

The couple, along with their baby boy, Montgomery, now spend their free time touring the UK from the comfort of their home.

In summer, they take advantage of the roof to make barbecues and, when winter arrives, they use diesel to turn on the heating, although their intention is to maintain a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Watch the Youtube video showing how they live on their boat.


Source: Mag el Comercio