Beauty Queens End Up In Water After Bridge Collapses (VIDEO)

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The girls were posing on a suspension bridge, which did not support as much weight as they thought. The video of the crazy scene, which occurred in Thailand, went viral on YouTube.

On YouTube, the video of the moment in which 30 beauty queens fall into a pond after the suspension bridge where the were on collapsed was shared. Below, you will find out all the details of the incident, which went viral on social networks.

According to the Daily Mail in a note published on December 7 of this year, the women were at a restaurant. They were participating in the second day of the Miss Thailand pageant, in Chiang Mai.

When it was time for a photo shoot, they all stood on a suspension bridge, looking very happy. What no one imagined is that the structure would break under the weight, sending the beauty queens into the water.

Due to what happened, three of the contestants were injured. One suffered cuts and bruises on her forehead, while two others suffered minor scrapes. They were transferred to a hospital and later released.

According to the aforementioned source, the owner of the establishment, Worapot Chatkanjana, promised to cover the cost of treating the injured women. He donated more than $ 16,000 to cover expenses and offered to pay for the other contestants to professionally clean their clothes.

The video of the 30 beauty queens falling into a pond after the suspension bridge collapsed was posted on YouTube by the Inthemixstyle channel, exactly on December 7 of this year, going viral soon after. The popularity of the clip is so great that it can already be found on other social networks.

Watch the Youtube video below …


Source: Mag el Comercio