Process Begins To Rescue 4 Thousand Cars That Sank In The Ocean

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The unimaginable can happen.

After the MV Golden Ray cargo ship sank with around 4 thousand Hyundai cars in September last year, the lifting process began.

For this, the decision has been made to cut it into 8 parts to be able to extract the vehicles that are in the sea. These actions are being achieved through the use of a special tooling, which consists of a couple of floating platforms that incorporate cranes that manage to lift up to 7,500 tons.

The company in charge of the operation is T&T Salvage, which has enormous experience in rescue maneuvers at sea.

So far, it was reported that the first cut has been made and the next 7 are expected to be made in the following months.

Statements of the Korean brand indicate that the 4 thousand vehicles – mostly KIA Telluride – that are inside the boat were unusable, although an exhaustive analysis will be made of the situation of each one to see if certain elements can be rescued.

It was in September 2019 that this ship was stranded off the coast of Georgia, United States; after a presumed fire was the cause of the boat accident. Various storms and the subsequent Corona Virus pandemic have prevented this rescue from taking place.

It is presumed that Hyundai Motor Group could collect an insurance of 149 million dollars for the loss of these vehicles.

Process Begins To Rescue 4 Thousand Cars That Sank In The Ocean


Source: Excelsior