Giant Iceberg Dangerously Close To South Georgia (PHOTOS)

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Satellite photos warned of the dangerous proximity of a giant iceberg that could impact South Georgia, an island located in the South Atlantic.

The giant iceberg A-68A could make landfall this month , wreaking havoc near the waters off South Georgia Island, which is approaching in size at 2,400 square kilometers.

Since its “birth” in 2017, the iceberg has travelled thousands of kilometers from the Larsen C Ice Shelf in Antarctica, and is now located about 120 kilometers from South Georgia.

If it remains on its current route, the iceberg could land in shallow waters off the coast, threatening wildlife, including penguins and seals, warns ESA, which has released a sequence of images from early December showing a iceberg collision path with South Georgia.

Satellite missions are being used to track the iceberg on its journey for the past three years. The Copernicus Sentinel-1 radar mission, with its ability to see through clouds and darkness, has been instrumental in mapping the polar regions in winter, according to the European Space Agency.

Giant Iceberg Dangerously Close To South Georgia






Giant Iceberg Dangerously Close To South Georgia







Source: Excelsior