They Find A Marine Tongue On An Australian Beach (Photo)

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Only specialists from the Queensland Museum were able to identify the organism found.

An Australian resident did not know what to think when she found a strange language-like creature on a beach, reports  ABC Brisbane.

Catherine Nguyen was on vacation with family and friends in a hotel on the picturesque Moreton Island (Queensland, Australia), when during a walk along the seashore she saw a rare marine inhabitant in the sand. It looked like a swollen tongue, but apparently it wasn’t.

To find out what it was, the woman went to the local ecological center, although they could not help her there. The answer came from the Queensland Museum, whose specialists were able to identify the organism, which turned out to be a species of marine plume known as Cavernularia obesa.

In reality, each feather consists of numerous interconnected animals, called polyps, which are grouped into colonies. Touching them is not recommended as they can sting with their tentacles which they use to defend themselves or capture food.

They Find A Marine Tongue On An Australian Beach


Source: ActualidadRT