They Find A Unique Bright Yellow Species Of A Reptile (Images)

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Sometimes nature continues to surprise society with new discoveries. Now, a unique species of yellow turtle has conquered social media with its reasonable likenesses.

The animal agrees in all the characteristics with the common species, except in the colour since instead of green, it is distinguished by a bright yellow that has attracted everyone’s attention. 

Surprisingly, this is not the first record of this type of natural phenomenon. In 2016, a similar tortoise was found in South Australia, although it is unclear if these types of genetic abnormalities are increasing.

There are already some theories about why the turtle has this appearance, such as that of  the biologist Sneha Dharwadka who explains that it may have a yellow coloration due to a genetic mutation or due to a “congenital disorder due to the absence of tyrosine pigment.”

This unusual species has gone viral on Twitter with thousands of responses pulling out funny, reasonable resemblances to the reptile. Some of the best examples are as follows:


Source: 20Minutos