A Heron In Flight Has The Prey It Just Ate Pierce Through Its Neck To Escape (PHOTOS)

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A photographer captured the struggle for survival in the US state of Maryland.

No matter how studied nature may seem, it always manages to surprise us. This is demonstrated by Sam Davis, an amateur photographer from Maryland (USA) who captured an unusual scene in which an eel breaks free from the heron that devoured it, piercing the throat of the bird. 

The fish was able to escape because it has a pointed tail that is usually used to dig at the bottom of the water, but also used to escape in dangerous situations.

As for the heron, its fate is unknown after having suffered serious injuries to the neck and stomach. 

The images of Sam Davis have gone viral and users were amazed on social networks. “The horrible moment when the eel escapes from the throat of the heron. Yes, the headline (of Daily Star) speaks for itself,” commented one.

“The old proverb that says, ‘be careful what you eat’, is valid for this heron that devoured an eel that could escape,” said another user. 

See the viral Twitter post below …


Source: Actualidad.RT