When Whales Attack Humans And Are They Actually Human Eaters? (VIDEO)

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Two recent cases come to mind, South Africa and California, whose victims were swallowed by whales and then immediately expelled.

It is said that whales – no matter how large – do not have humans in their preferred ‘dish’ to feed on, but recent cases, and not so recent, lead to a question that, perhaps, has an answer:

Are whales eating humans?, or, despite documented cases, are they just the result of an accident?

Attack on humans

On March 14, 2019, Rainer Schimpf, a 51-year-old photographer diving off the coast of Port Elizabeth in South Africa, was literally swallowed by a whale .

Versions released at the time revealed that the man was trying to obtain images of the abundant marine life of the place when, suddenly, the gigantic animal came upon him. Fortunately, the cetacean expelled him a few seconds on the shore of the beach.

‘I was trying to get a photo of a shark . The next moment, (the water) turned dark and I felt pressure on my hip, ‘the diver recounted in a video posted by Barcroft Animals.

Yesterday, a similar case -but in Avila Beach, California- ‘went around the world’ when two girls on board a kayak were swallowed, and immediately thrown into the sea, after being on a peaceful day next to bathers and divers .

Given this, the same question pops up: Are whales man-eaters? The results after these attacks indicate that, indeed, they are not.

Specialists report that whales are filter feeders and feed on plankton and very small fish. And, for this, they open their mouths and take ‘tons and tons’ of water. Once inside, with their tongues, they push the water out between their beards and only the food remains that they later swallow.

Other cases … mythical

The Bible tells that the prophet Jonah spent three days inside a whale. Rainer Schimpf – the South African photographer – had the same experience on March 14, 2019, but only for a few seconds inside a Bryde’s fin whale, a 15-meter, 25-ton cetacean, when he was filming a school of sardines.

The following character does not answer to the name of Jonah, although he spent 36 hours in the entrails of a whale. It is about James Bartley, a sailor who – tells the story – appeared on November 22, 1896 in the pages of the New York Times after living what no one has done since the biblical experience.

Bartley was a young 21-year-old English sailor who made his first voyage aboard the whaler The Star of the East with the mission of going after a whale through the South Atlantic, off the coast of the Falkland Islands.

But the objective was truncated after the sperm whale devoured it in an attack against the crew, who had seriously injured it minutes before and the latter responded furiously.

Fortunately, the fisherman was found inside the animal’s entrails ‘safe and sound’ once his companions filleted the specimen in search of oil and other substances.

Experts point out that, in the recent case, mammals open their mouths without seeing what is in front of them. And that, as they are not man- eaters, everything points to that and the attacks are, in reality, accidents.

Watch the Youtube video below …


Source: Bigfish MX