Driving Their Boat Down A River In Alaska When A Huge Animal Walks On Water (VIDEO)

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The scene of a moose running on the water of a river in Alaska has been around the world through social networks and has caused a great uproar. 

A recent video of a moose supposedly running on the water of a river in Alaska, the scene has quickly gone viral and amazement and disbelief are the most talked about of the unusual scene.

The images were recorded by Kristy Paniptchuk while she was navigating a river with a small boat and in them the large animal can be seen crossing at a moment by the bow of the boat to continue its way to the other side of the river.

The animal seems to be running across the surface of the water without great effort, which has led many to think that there was shallow waters.

However, the moment when the moose crosses in front of the boat to go to the other side is undoubtedly the point of discrepancies of opinion since it is supposed to be where the river has to be deep enough to allow the boat to navigate.

Some have said that this type of fan boat can function in 1 foot deep water. That you can see the river rocks that the moose is running on.


Watch the viral Youtube video below …



Source: Los40