Man Working In Water Gets Attacked for 15 Minutes And Ends With 16 Stitches (VIDEO)

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The victim ended up with 16 stitches, but feels fine and is recovering fast.

A resident of Homestead (Florida, United States) was attacked by a nurse shark that bit him on the right foot, while he was in the water on September 29.

Andrés García, who was working in the water at a pier in Cayo Largo, has said that he does not remember well if he stepped on the shark or if he got too close to the area where the animal was. 

In the video presented by the Local 10 network, it is seen that the companions try to free García’s foot, even using a hammer, although without success.

The man told the channel that in the end he had to get out of the water with the shark still attached to his foot, where he was finally freed.

The shark held it for 15 minutes. Garcia received 16 stitches, but claims he feels fine and recovers quickly.

Nurse sharks, one of the most common species in this part of the Atlantic Ocean, are generally harmless to humans. However, they have strong jaws filled with thousands of tiny, serrated teeth, and they can bite defensively if stepped on or disturbed in any way, according to National Geographic.

Watch the Twitter video below …


Source: ActualidadRT