At 97 She Is Moved When She Sees The Ocean For The Very First Time (PHOTOS)

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The old woman’s happy gesture is very noticeable, so her reaction went viral on Facebook.

A 97-year-old great-grandmother left Facebook users moved by her tender reaction after seeing the ocean for the first time. Viral photos of the old woman crossed the borders of Mexico.

Doña Manuelita saw the beautiful landscape of the sea for the first time in her life, her great-granddaughter took her by surprise to the beaches of Cancun, in the Yucatan Peninsula, on Friday, October 16.

The old woman fell madly in love with the sea, so she could not hide her happiness. The expression of Doña Manuelita was reflected in the photos that her great-granddaughter Stephanie Flores took of her, going viral on Facebook.

“The look of my great-grandmother she did not know the sea. Her face is so beautiful at 97 years old ”, reads the publication on the social network that precedes the beautiful images.

Doña Manuelita had not had the opportunity to see the ocean ever in her life since she had never left her area of ​​residence. The great-grandmother lives in La Unión, Quintana Roo, near Belize, a place where there are no beaches.

However, to complete the happiness of the old woman, her great-granddaughter revealed that it was not a simple visit to the beach. The young woman had taken Doña Manuelita to live by the ocean, where she will spend the rest of her life.

Facebook users from all over the world shared the story of the sweet Mrs. Manuelita for which the young woman thanked the dedications to her great-grandmother. Although she will also return from time to time to the house where she lived all her life, Doña Manuelita will spend a good time by the sea.

At 97 She Is Moved When She Sees The Ocean For The Very First Time


Source: el Popular